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Hi folks,

One of my colleague was literally haunting me for this recipe. As I am more of a “eater” than a “cooker” (Lolz.. 🙂 ), I asked my mom for the recipe. Even after she telling me the recipe for more than a thousand times, I kept forgetting it. So I had the need to record it. Presenting you the awesomest brinjal curry live from my mom’s kitchen.


1) Small sized Brinjals- 1/4 kg approx

Remove the top cap(or whatever you call it) of the brinjal and make 4 half slits. The picture below gives a rough idea.

2) Tomatoes- 2 -(Dice them into small pieces)

3) Pepper balls -5/6 appro

4) Roasted peanut/Sesame seeds Powder – 4 tsp approx

5) Cumin seed powder – 1/2 tsp

6) Tamarind – a small ball (less than a lemon/size of big amla)

7) Salt -pinch/according to taste

8) Curry leaves -few

9) Chilli powder

Vessels required:

Kadai, Spatula


1) Heat the kadai with oil(a larger amount than used for normal frying)

2) Once hot, add pepper balls….it pops with great sound…..after that….add curry leaves, brinjals and tomatoes and saute them(onnum illa vathakkanum).

3) Close the kadai with a lid for around 5 mins…..the ingredients get cooked

4) After that add chill powder,roasted peanut powder(ammilayum araiklaam),tamarind extract,salt.

5) After that, add water as per requirement.

6) Allow it to boil until everything gets cooked and the dish gets a gravy consistency.

7) Voila!……yummy brinjal curry is ready hot & spicy!

P.S: Don’t blame me ….if it goes wrong…because in cooking and war anything might happen….it was good when my mom made it….post your comments and feedback guys……more recipes coming up…..add you requests if you have any.


Comments on: "Biryani side dish – Brinjal Curry Recipe (Indian – Tamil Muslim Style)" (20)

  1. Vijay said:

    Thanks ! Good…and funny way to write

  2. However way it was written its served the purpose coz this was something I long awaited to get. I’ve got it now and will try it out coz I’m good at making biryani.

  3. The main ingredient should be added is tamarind water(puli karachal) instead of pouring the water,this tamarind water should be added to get add this main one and taste it my friends.

    • Hi sweety,

      Thanks for dropping by. Ya tamarind extract is already mentioned in the recipe. Thanks for your tip though.

  4. I made it and it came out great. I have been looking for this recipe for a while. Thank you very much. I recommed this.


    ok ok. correcta dhan steps pottu irukkeenga, apdiye seiyavum kathu konga.

  6. Heyy dude,, a gud one.!!

  7. i prepared u recipe its awesome

  8. prabhakaran said:

    thanks u for giving this receipe i am going to try tomorrow

  9. dhivyaprakash said:

    thank you dear

  10. Elizabeth said:

    Thanks for your receipie it very nice say thanks to your mum…….

  11. Verbine Dyas said:

    I was desperately looking for this recipe…thanks now i am going to try tomorrow itself.

  12. Superb recipe. But I tried for my briyani. As usual I am not a GOOD cook just like that of my mom.

  13. its so nice pa..your tunglish is so good

  14. vanathi said:

    good recipe, came out well. thanks, please post biryani recipe also

  15. Jessie said:

    i made it today for my mutton dum briyani.. came out really well, Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe with us.

  16. Wonderful. Simple and came out very well

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